Organizational Information

Organizational Information
General Information

Where can I pick up my bib?
Is there any possibility to store my bag?
When does the Salzburg Women's Run start?
Where does the course run?
How does the timekeeping work?
Where do I find start lists and result lists?
Are there special starting positions?
Do exist classifications of age?
Is there a possibility to engrave my name and/or time on my medal? How much does this service cost?
How have I to wear my bib number correctly?

You can pick up your bib at SportMall@Salzburg Marathon at “Eisarena Volksgarten“ (Hermann-Bahr-Promenade 2) at Friday May 15th, 2020 from 1pm.  Every participant need to pick up her bib personally. 

You can deposit your bags on Friday (6–9 p.m.) at the stands of “Eisarena Volksgarten“. Each bag must be marked with your personal bib number. Please note: Only the official bags, which you get at the bib pick up, will be accepted!

The Salzburg Women’s Run starts on Friday May 15th at 7:15 pm. The walkers start with a short delay because of safety reasons.

The start and finish area is located at Volksgarten. After hearing the starting signal the participants take southern direction alongside river Salzach. The “Wilhelm-Kaufmann-Steg“ is the turning point for all participants. You run/walk directly to the “Karolinen-Brücke“ alongside the west river-bank, cross again the river and directly turn into the home straight.

course plan

The timekeeping will be done by our partner Pentek Timing using the UHF timing system. The UHF-Chip is integrated in your bib. The fee for the chip is already included in the entry fee. When picking up your bib there are no further costs for you.

A timekeeping with the ChampionChip is not possible!

There is no timekeeping without bib! Every participant (runners and walkers) needs a bib. It has to be fixed at your clothes at the front.

Start lists and result lists are hung up in the start and finish area at Volksgarten and can also be seen on our homepage as soon as possible after the last participant has reached the finish line.

If you like we send a result list to your address for a cost of €4,-

There is no starting order at Salzburg Women’s Run. We advise you to place yourself depending on your level. The faster runners should start in front.

There is an extra start for the walkers with a short delay and an own starting signal. The walkers have to join the starting grid at the rear and wait for their own starting signal.

The fastest three participants of the 5.5k run will be honoured at the award ceremony. Additionally there will be honoured some special rankings.

After finishing your race, you can personalize your medal with an engraving of your name and achieved time at the cost of € 10,-. You can order this service at the online registration or directly after your race. NOTE: The medal engraving service is only available at the event-day. Fees already paid are non-refundable! 

All participants of the Salzburg Women's Run must wear their bib numbers.

According to the international competition regulations by IAAF and Austrian Federation the bib number must be attached to the front of the chest during a competition. If the start number is removed during the race or worn elsewhere, there is a clear violation of the rules which could result in disqualification. Therefore, in contrast to other sports (e.g. triathlon), bib number belts are NOT allowed!

The good visibility of the bib number is very important for the safety of all participants!

In the starter package you will find four safety pins for the correct attachment of the bib number, into which the timing chip is integrated at Salzburg Women's Run.