“Frau läuft!“

Be part of a big movement that stands...

... for an active lifestyle of the modern and health-conscious woman!

The campaign "Frau läuft!" aims to educate women about the positive effects of regular exercise on their health and on their everyday life as well as to get as many women and girls as possible enthusiastic about regular running and walking.


health-conscious, active, self-confident

The campaign “Frau läuft!“ (translated “Woman runs!“) pursuits intensively the goal to explain the positive effect of constant movement on the health and on the everyday life to as many women and girls as possible and motivate them to do more sports.

Salzburg Women's Run is the yearly highlight of this action: More than 1,000 women and girls participate in different competitions and have a great experience by feeling the joy of common movement together with all participants. Attractive events and the common party after the race at Volksgarten complete a extraordinary day for the whole family.

But, the campaign “Frau läuft!“ won't be present only that single day. With the organization of numerous runners-meets in Salzburg women are encouraged to do running and walking all over the year. A couple of information events around the topics movement, health, lifestyle etc. are organized as well.

To participate in the Salzburg Women's Run is a very important goal for thousands of women and girls and an important step to more self-confidence and self-respect as well as to a healthier and more active life.
Running is the most natural motion for human-beings, makes you fit and is absolutely trendy. Constant running reinforces your immune system and preventively prevents many diseases (as cancer). Besides that running is an ideal method to keep or reduce the body weight. And: Running also strengthen your mind and your well-being.

The cooperation with the “Österreichische Krebshilfe“ (association helping people suffering from cancer) is a very important one. Together, we want to send the message to all women and girls, that constant movement reduce the risk of coming down with cancer!

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