• 1. Which is the best way to get to the start?

    The bicycle is the healthiest way to travel – for you and the environment. With 170 kilometres of bike paths Salzburg is at the top in whole Austria. The bike path alongside the eastern river-bank of Salzach brings you directly to the Volksgarten.


    The S-Bahn and regional trains of ÖBB are the best alternatives. Just get on O-Bus-Linie 6 at Salzburg main station and get off at station Volksgarten. Then it takes you only a few minutes to walk to the start and finish area.


    You will find all Information about bus lines at the website www.salzburg-verkehr.at

  • 2. Where can I park my car?

    Unfortunately, parking directly at Volksgarten is not possible.


    You can use the billable parking lots Park & Ride Alpenstraße (from there you have to take the O-Busses 3 or 8 to station “Äußerer Stein“), the underground garage “Altstadt Parkgaragen, “Barmherzige Brüder“ or the “Unipark“.


    You will find all information about public transport in Salzburg in the menu “Information“ --> “Day of Competition“ --> “Public Transport“

  • 3. Which side-events are offered?

    You will find all information in the menu “information“ --> “Frau läuft!“

  • 4. Where can I find the showersand dressing rooms?

    The participants of Salzburg Women’s Run can use the showers and dressing rooms at the outdoor pool “Volksgartenbad“. There will be signs that lead the way.

  • 1. Where can I pick up my bib?

    You can pick up your bib at SportMall@Salzburg Marathon at “Eisarena Volksgarten“ (Hermann-Bahr-Promenade 2) at Friday May 15th, 2020 from 1pm. Every participant need to pick up her bib personally.

  • 2. Is there any possibility to store my bag?

    You can deposit your bag on Friday (6–9 p.m.) at the stands of “Eisarena Volksgarten“. Each bag must be marked with your personal bib number. Please note: Only the official bags, which you get at the bib pick up, will be accepted!

  • 3. When does Salzburg Women's Run starat?

    The Salzburg Women’s Run starts on Friday May 15th at 7:15 pm (5,5K-run) respectively 7:20 pm (“Frau walkt!“ by Bio Austria).

  • 4. How is the starting grid organized?

    There won't be any starting blocks. Please choose your position on the basis of your performance – the faster runners at the front section.


    PLEASE NOTE: The walkers have their own start five minutes after the runners. So all walkers have to enter the starting grid in the separated, second part.

  • 5. Where does the course run?

    The start and finish area is located at Volksgarten. After hearing the starting signal the participants take southern direction alongside river Salzach. The “Wilhelm-Kaufmann-Steg“ is the turning point for all participants. You run/walk directly to the “Karolinen-Brücke“ alongside the west river-bank, cross again the river and directly turn into the home straight.


    Please find the course plan in the menu “Information“ –-> “Your running course“

  • 6. How does the timekeeping work?

    The timekeeping will be done by our partner Pentek Timing using the UHF timing system. The UHF-Chip is integrated in your bib. The fee for the chip is already included in the entry fee. When picking up your bib there are no further costs for you.


    A timekeeping with the ChampionChip is not possible!


    There is no timekeeping without bib!

  • 7. How has the bib number to be fixed?

    All participants of the Salzburger Frauenlauf must wear their assigned bib number. The bib number is not transferable!


    Every participant (runners and walkers) needs a bib. It has to be fixed at your clothes at the front. This corresponds to the rules of the international athletics association World Athletics. You will find safety pins in your starter package.

  • 8. Where can I find start and result lists?

    Start lists and result lists are hung up in the start and finish area at Volksgarten and can also be seen on our homepage as soon as possible after the last participant has reached the finish line.

  • 9. Do exist classifications of age classes?

    The fastest three participants of the 5.5k run will be honoured at the award ceremony. Additionally there will be honoured some special rankings (e.g. U20, walking, team rankings), but there are no ceremonies for age class winners for organizational reasons. Thank you for your understanding.

  • 10. How much is the engraving service of my medal?

    After finishing your race, you can personalize your medal with an engraving of your name and achieved time at the cost of € 10,- (booked previously) and €12,- (at the event day). You can order this service at the online registration or directly after your race. NOTE: The medal engraving service is only available at the event-day. Fees already paid are non-refundable!

  • 1. How can I register for Salzburg Women's Run?

    Please register on the registration platform of Salzburg Marathon (Njuko) for Salzburg Women's Run. Online registration is the most comfortable way. You will find the right link in the menu “registration“. Alternatively, you can register by mail, fax or e-mail as well. Please download the entry form which you will find in the menu “registration“. Fill in the form entirely and send it signed to:


    – mail: SportImPuls Verlags- und Marketing GmbH, Jakob-Auer-Straße 8, 5020 Salzburg, Austria


    – fax: +43-662/62 68 68


    – e-mail: office@frauenlauf.net


    The registration is valid when the entry fee is on our account. You will get a confirmation by e-mail.

  • 2. Which periods of registration do exist?

    There do exist three periods of registration. The first one ends on December 31st, 2019 and is the cheapest. The second one ends on March 8th, 2020. The earlier you are registered the more time of preparation for Salzburg Women's Run is left. The online registration ends on May 10th, 2020.


    If you are a spontaneous person there is the possibility of late registration on May 17th at SportMall@Salzburg Marathon at “Eisarena Volksgarten“ (Hermann-Bahr-Promenade 2).


    You can find more detailed information in the menu “Registration“ --> “Entry Fee“

    Detaillierte Informationen findest du unter dem Menüpunkt „Anmeldung“ --> „Nenngeld“

  • 3. When does the registration period end?

    The registration period for Salzburg Women’s Run ends on Sunday, May 10th, 2020. There is the possibility for a last-minute-registration at SportMall@Salzburg Marathon at “Eisarena Volksgarten“ (Hermann-Bahr-Promenade 2) on May 15th.

  • 4. How much is the entry fee at Salzburg Women's Run?

    The entry fee depends on the date of registration and your age.


    You can find more detailed information in the menu “Registration“ --> “Entry Fee“.

  • 5. What happens, if I am registerd, but not able to start?

    Registered participants who do not start are not eligible for a refund. We recommend the conclusion of the insurance, which is possible during the online-registration.

  • 6. Can I deregister or re-register?

    You can unexpectedly not participate in the Salzburg Women's Run 2020? Hopefully you have concluded the insurance! Please contact immediately your insurance and attach the medical certificate and the confirmation of payment.


    If you did not conclude the insurance, the Running Festival of Mozart City and its registration platform Njuko have a special offer for you: You can pass or sell your bib to another runner who is starting instead of you. You can make the changes yourself using the link on your registration confirmation. Re-registration is free until December 31, 2019. From January 1st, 2020 re-registration costs €12,-, which is much less than the normal entry fee. Re-registration is possible until May 1st, 2020.


    Your booked additional services and products such as medal engraving, the BibBits or the functional shirt will automatically be transferred to the replacement runner. For further questions please contact the office.

  • 7. How does the registration for the teamranking work?

    Run together to your friends or family! A team consists of three runners. Register additionaly for the team ranking during the online registration. Alternatively you will find the entry form in the menu “Registration“.


    Please take note to use the same team name, identically written!