Organic nutrition

High Quality & Sustainability

The Running Festival of Mozart City relies on organic nutrition!

Eleven times in a row, the Salzburg Marathon has been officially certified as the first sports event in Austria and the first marathon event worldwide thanks to its focus on organic nutrition (certification by SLK). The Running Festival in Mozart City represents a major strength of the region of Salzburg. All the food offered to the participants on the event-weekend is organic or, for example with banana and oragnes, organic fair-trade-products. The very few conventional products are specially labelled.

Anyone who is fit, eats healthy food and pays attention to sufficient exercise often takes a role model function to people. “Running and nutrition need to have a harmonic relationship. Runners need a high-quality fuel for a enoyful active life. It is precisely this fuel – even in organic quality – that the participants in the Mozart city's running festival have got for many years and will in future,“, explains organiser Johannes Langer. With the organic focus, the Running Festival in Mozart City and Bio Austria Salzburg are sending a strong signal for environmental protection and sustainability .

Close partnership with Bio Austria

Bio Austria Salzburg has been actively supporting us on our way for years. The organisation represents around 24,000 organic farmers in Austria. In the region of Salzburg, around 60% of the agricultural area is cultivated organically, which is the highest score in the EU. "Of course, organic farming, healthy nutrition and sport have a very important and obvious connection", emphasises DI Andreas Schwaighofer, CEO of Bio Austria Salzburg.

Bio Austria