Environmental Aware

Green Event

Environmental protection is an important concern for us!

For years, the Running Festival in Mozart City has been pursuing an ambitious ecology concept thanks to the dedicated commitment of the team around organiser Johannes Langer.

Regional organic food: For years, the Running Festival of Mozart City has relied on high-quality and healthy organic delicacies with ingredients coming from regional cultivation. (further information)

Banning aluminium, reducing plastic: Thanks to good cooperation with the partners responsible for beverage supply, all aluminium containers and cans were removed from the event and the use of plastic bottles was reduced enormously. Fresh Salzburger spring water from tanks is offered at the refreshment points, electrolyte drinks are freshly mixed with powder. At the refreshment points and at the finish line, all participants drink from compostable cups (which are naturally dismantled within 40 days), while a deposit system in the gastronomy sector reduces waste considerably. The Starter Packages are not made of plastic, but of corn starch.

Ecological arrival: The Running Festival of Mozart City expressly recommends that all participants travel by environmentally friendly public transport (e.g. train). In the urban area, public transport and bicycles are the most effective means of transport. On the day of the race, the bib number or the confirmation of the registration is valid as a ticket for public transport in the city-zone.

Reduction of motorised traffic: With the exception of the TV camera motorcycles (marathon), there is no motorised transport on the course. All employees, but also the police and the paramedic, move on mountain bikes or e-bikes along the course.

Efficient logistics: The number of logistics trips and truck transports on the days of the marathon could be significantly reduced.

Economical and efficient use of resources: The Running Festival of Mozart City always favours environmentally friendly technologies.